Modern Day Cleopatra

So, yesterday when I picked my little one up from Nursery I was told he had a girlfriend. Now, this girlfriend actually sits and hold my son's water bottle for him during snack time so that he doesn't have to. Then she also feeds him raisins and he just sits there opening his mouth for …

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The importance of Play for children

Do you know how important 'Play' is for children? Play develops children in 4 ways Physical development: Fine and large motor skills / Stress Management / Strong healthy bodies / Physical confidence / Coordination / agility. Social development:Socialisation / Negotiation / Cooperation / Collaboration / Conflict resolution / Rules. Emotional development:Joy / Empathy / Resilience …

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Story Time with Charlotte

The Gruffalo by Julia DonaldsonWelcome to Story time with Charlotte. This is my new YouTube channel dedicated to children's story time. So sit down, get comfy and enjoy today's pick. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson! Happy Tuesday everyone! Love Charlotte x YouTube: Story time with Charlotte Instagram: @charlottefays @storytimewithcharlotte Twitter: @charlottefays