Sunday Reading

I recently purchased Annie Ridout's 'The Freelance Mum' book in the hopes that it would provide some much needed inspiration for a wannabe full time writer. Writing has always been my dream. However, the last two years the dream was pushed aside whilst I got the hang of this motherhood thing and spent time doing …

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5 Affirmations for Positive Motherhood

Good Morning Everyone, If we repeat affirmations regularly our subconscious mind slowly takes them on as truth allowing you to think more positively. Becoming a mother is a whirlwind of emotions, both good and bad. Affirmations are my personal go to. They help me stay positive on the days when everything just seems to go …

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What being a mum has taught me about self care

Good Morning everyone, Today is a more personal post because I think it's important for me to share my personal reality as well as sharing tips that could help you. It's no lie that your life gets turned upside down when you become a parent. However prepared you are, you are never quite prepared enough. …

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