Services & Pricing

Here at Charlotte Fay I offer indie authors proofreading and review services.

Book Review Prices

I am currently offering a book review service. If you are in the process of or have published your book I will review it for you and provide honest feedback. My review of your book and a star rating will also be provided on Goodreads as well as in a blog post on this website. I will also share your book on my social media pages to gain you more exposure as an author.

I accept ebook and paperback books to review. (Please note that the cost of sending paperbacks to me is your responsibility) otherwise I accept ebooks in Kindle, .mobi and PDF format.

£ Free for a limited time.

Genres I’m accepting:

Historical Fiction | Fantasy | Certain Non-Fiction | Children’s Books | YA

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Proofreading Prices

Basic Proofreading Package

I will check:

– Spelling, punctuation and grammar.

– Ensure your book reads well.

– Provide a review for you based on the above.


* Up to 25,000 words: £ coming soon

* Up to 50,000 words: £ coming soon

* Up to 75,000 words: £ coming soon

* Up to 100,000 words: £ coming soon

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