A Convenient Marriage

A Convenient Marriage by Jeevani Charika

Wow! What can I say about this book? I was utterly taken in from the initial couple of chapters and it just got better and better. Having always enjoyed reading fiction and none-fiction about different cultures I had very high hopes and was not disappointed.
This book is the modern-day fairytale and completely realistic and believable. I don’t want to give too much away but like the classic fairytale, there is a happy ending.
True love never dies and this story is the classic example of this. You can easily fall in love and get swept up by the characters and their lives. You can relate to them and grow with them.
If you enjoy a good story and love a happy ending then this is for you. It’s not the conventional love story but we all know what happens in that book. This story will warm your heart and pull at your emotional strings. It’s definitely worth a read.

Below is a little more info about the book.

Book Description:
It was the perfect marriage… until they fell in love.

Chaya is a young woman torn between her duty to family and her life in the UK. While her traditional Sri Lankan parents want her to settle down into marriage, what they don’t know is that Chaya has turned away the one true love of her life, Noah, terrified of their disapproval.

Gimhana is hiding his sexuality from his family. It’s easy enough to pretend he’s straight when he lives half a world away in the UK. But it’s getting harder and harder to turn down the potential brides his parents keep finding for him.

When Chaya and Gimhana meet, a marriage of convenience seems like the perfect solution to their problems. Together they have everything – friendship, stability and their parents’ approval. But when both Chaya and Gimhana find themselves falling in love outside of their marriage, they’re left with an impossible decision – risk everything they’ve built together, or finally follow their heart?

Will they choose love, or carry on living a lie?  

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Author Bio:

Jeevani* writes multicultural women’s fiction. She was born in the South of England, but spent much of her childhood in Sri Lanka, with short forays to Nigeria and Micronesia, before returning to settle in Yorkshire. She studied Biochemistry and Microbiology at Oxford and ended up working in university technology transfer. All of this, it turned out, was excellent preparation for becoming a novelist.

She also writes romantic comedies under the name Rhoda Baxter. Her books have been shortlisted for the RoNA awards, the Love Stories awards and the Joan Hessayon award. She is a member of the UK Romantic Novelists’ Association and the Society of Authors.  

Jeevani loves all things science geeky. She also loves cake, crochet and playing with Lego. You can find out more about her (and get a free book by signing up to her newsletter) on her website. www.jeevanicharika.com

(*Jeevani is pronounced ‘Jeev-uh-nee’. Or just call her Jeev) 

Social Media links

Website: http://www.jeevanicharika.com

Twitter: @rhodabaxter @jeevanicharika

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Author/Jeevani-Charika-369662313887613/

Newsletter sign up (get a free story):  https://www.subscribepage.com/JCwebsite

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