No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter

No Big Deal by Bethany Rutter

Morning all, slightly different review coming up today. It’s not very often I read a YA but this one had me intrigued. It didn’t disappoint!

I’d seen this book popping up all over Twitter and really needed to check it out for myself. Oh my goodness I am so pleased that I did.

From the first chapter, I found myself rooting for Emily. The whole storyline took me right back to school with the thoughts, feelings and insecurities that all come with being a female student looking for love which is made harder with Emily being ’fat’.

I wish I could give this book to all girls in high school. It’s a great book for all girls to read regardless of body type. We should never be ashamed of ourselves or our bodies and this book just shouts that from the rooftops!

If you do anything g this Autumn, read this book.

Have a great day everyone.

Love Charlotte x


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