A book to read again

The Light Behind the Window – By Lucinda Riley

This is a book that I actually read when it first came out. I loved it then and it’s one that went on the ’would definitely read again pile.’ That doesn’t happen very often.


The present: Emilie de la Martiniéres has always fought against her aristocratic background, but after the death of her glamorous, distant mother, she finds herself alone in the world and sole inheritor of her grand childhood home in the south of France. An old notebook of poems leads her in search of the mysterious and beautiful Sophia, whose tragic love affair changed the course of her family history. As Emilie unravels the story, she too embarks on her own journey of discovery, realizing that the château may provide clues to her own difficult past and finally unlock the future.

The past: London 1943. A young office clerk, Constance Carruthers, is drafted into the SOE, arriving in occupied Paris during the climax of the conflict. Separated from her contact in her very first hours in France, she stumbles into the heart of a wealthy family who are caught up in a deadly game of secrets and lies. Forced to surrender her identity and all ties to her homeland and her beloved husband, Constance finds herself drawn into a complex web of deception, the repercussions of which will affect generations to come.

My Thoughts

This book had everything that keeps me turning the page. History, Love, Mystery and Secrets. I’ve always been a fan of historical novels but this one is the best of both worlds switching between present day and the past. Emilie embarks on a journey of familiar discovery delving into a history that shaped her family. It all started in occupied France in 1943 and will come to an end in modern day France with an unexpected happy ending.

I urge you if you haven’t already to read this wonderful book. I have since purchased The Midnight Rose also by Lucinda Riley which is currently sat in my reading pile.

Have a great Friday everyone!

Love Charlotte x


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