The importance of Play for children

Do you know how important ‘Play’ is for children?

Play develops children in 4 ways

Physical development:

Fine and large motor skills / Stress Management / Strong healthy bodies / Physical confidence / Coordination / agility.

Social development:

Socialisation / Negotiation / Cooperation / Collaboration / Conflict resolution / Rules.

Emotional development:

Joy / Empathy / Resilience / Persistence / Impulse Control / Self Confidence.

Cognitive development:

Literacy skills / Language Skills / Research and inquiry skills / Independent thinking / Mathematical and Scientific thinking.

It really is amazing what a simple thing like playing can do. Which is why Play is so important and vital for all children. Play isn’t just having fun; it is assisting your child to develop and learn key skills they will need in their future. Children should never be deprived of play.

I hope everyone’s having a great summer!

Have a great day everyone.

Love Charlotte x

(More information regarding play along with lots of play ideas is available in my book ‘The Mindful Mum’ available on Amazon Kindle here. )


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