Sunday Reading

Playgroups and Prosecco by Jo Middleton

– The Mis-Adventures of a single Mum –

Now I am not a single mum. But as a mum I have a huge respect for my single counterpart. Parenting is hard. Perhaps the hardest job I have ever done. So doing it solo I imagine would be a minefield. In fact single or not parenting is a minefield.

Jo Middleton’s book has captured motherhood in a relatable way through her character Frankie regardless of whether you are single or not. You can imagine many of the scenarios happening in modern day life and can easily relate to the up and down moments that Frankie lives of a daily basis.

This book is like a motherhood version of Bridget Jones. Counting daily Jaffa cakes consumed instead of calories and highlighting the strangest of people on dating apps that seem completely normal until they tell you that they expect sex on a second date. (I’m sure this probably does happen in real life)

Parenting, Dating, Eating, friendship and Coping!

This diary is the story of a single mum juggling her day to day life. Raising two girls after a divorce whilst simultaneously working a day job with a boss that clearly doesn’t get it and who only seems to want to make things awkward for her.

But, Frankie is lucky enough to have ‘WIB’ (‘woefully inactive beavers’ or ‘women in business’ for anyone being nosey) her two mummy friends that she met at the Busy Beavers group who are there to support and chat to about anything and everything and providing honest opinions on her real life adventures.

Generally I found this book an enjoyable read. Although it can be a little repetitive in places and is easy to put down and pick back up.

For this reason I’m giving this book a 3 out of 5.

What to give it a go?

Happy Sunday everyone,

Love Charlotte xx


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