Sunday Reading

Lies we tell Mothers by Suzy K Quinn

I have been lucky enough to get Suzy K Quinn’s book to read early and it definitely wasn’t a disappointment.

As a first time mum I relished the idea of being taken back through the memories that I had of the experiences of becoming a mum. It showed me how far I had come in the world of parenting and allowed me to laugh at the parts I may have once cried at.

This book is beyond funny and completely relatable with laugh out loud moments to boot. It allows you to reminisce the times you had forgotten and look back on them with amusement and knowing that you really can get through anything.

I would recommend this book to all new mothers. Not only does it help you feel like you are not alone in this journey it also provides just enough amusement to lift you on a day when being a mum is a relentless job. We all love our children but that doesn’t mean life is easy with them.

I’m giving this book a 4 out of 5 and will certainly be gifting to friends and family as and when they give me the wonderful news that they will be joining me in the parenting ranks.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Love Charlotte xx (currently recovering from my brothers wedding yesterday…)


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