Out Now: The Mindful Mum

Hey everyone,

I can officially tell you all that my book

‘The Mindful Mum – Easy Mindfulness, ideas and fun activities for Mums, Families and Children’

~ Out Now ~

How wonderful would it be if you and your family could enjoy your day with a calm and consious outlook. Just a few moments of mindfulness each day can set you up for a much more enjoyable day. Benefiting both you and your family. The Mindful Mum is a practical book that is split into three important sections; 
#Family – Family time is so imporant, more now than ever. Parents are busy rushing around that sometimes quality family time can suffer. This first section includes mindful ways to stay conscious and enjoy family time in a variety of different places including mindfulness tips and execises to try with your family.
#Mums – This section is all about you. Including self care tips, exercises and techniques to use each and eery day to bring about a sense of calm and mindful awareness. Plus you also get your very own 30 days of mindful wellbeing. An activity to try each day to esure that you are tapping into the beautiful ritual of mindfulnss every day without any of that mum guilt. 
#Kids – Spending conscious and quality time with our childen is far more important than all the toys in the world. This section provides parents with valuable information on the importance of play and how it can help our children mentally and physically develop and grow. Not only that you are provided with over 200 ideas and activities so that you never run out of ceative ways to have quality fun with your children

Available on Kindle and in Paperback.

Available here on Amazon

Competition to win a copy coming soon on Instagram.
Charlotte Fay x

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