Sunday Reading

I recently purchased Annie Ridout’s ‘The Freelance Mum’ book in the hopes that it would provide some much needed inspiration for a wannabe full time writer.

Writing has always been my dream. However, the last two years the dream was pushed aside whilst I got the hang of this motherhood thing and spent time doing some retraining in subjects that interest me.

Inevitably this enjoyable yet blurry time had to come to an end and the time has now come for me to start getting back to my writing and with lots of ideas under my belt I feel ready to get myself in the game.

Annie’s book has been an absolute hero for me. It is filled with facts, tips and great information to help mums everywhere who dream of being freelance and entrepreneurs.

Not only that it has some very enjoyable stories of fellow mums creating the same adaptable lifestyle that fits in with a new family.

A thoroughly enjoyable and informative read.

Thumbs up to Annie.

Happy Sunday Everyone

Love Charlotte Fay x

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