25 Anti-Anxiety Affirmations to use now

Morning everyone,

Anxiety is one of those things that I think we can all relate to in this modern world. It pops up at the most inconvenient of times.

Before becoming a mum I was laid back and anxiety free. That’s soon changed… but it’s not just Mums and parents that suffer.

So, I’ve got…

25 anti-anxiety affirmations to share with you today.

and here they are…

Anti-Anxiety Affirmations to try:

• I only think positive, healing and nurturing thoughts.

• I inhale strength and I exhale fear.

• I release my past and look forward to my future.

• Every cell in my body is calm and relaxed.

• I am safe to heal and grow.

• I can get through and achieve anything.

• I am free of anything that weighs me down.

• I love myself deeply and unconditionally.

• I am comfortable and peaceful in my own skin.

• I am always attracting positive energy into my body.

• I free myself of anxiety and continue to do so.

• Life always wants what is best for me.

• I am above stress and can achieve anything.

• I breathe in calm and breathe out tension.

• I am everything I need to be happy.

• I accept that I cannot change everything.

• I am more and more calm with every breath I take.

• I feel relaxed and empowered as I go through my day.

• I just smile breathe and go slowly.

• Within me is a calmness that cannot be disrupted.

• I am prepared for any changes that I face.

• I am exactly where I need to be.

• Safety and security surround me everyday.

• I am relaxed and in control of my future.

• I am always doing my best and let go of guilt.

How to use affirmations:

Affirmations are super easy to use. Have a look through the list on a day where you feel you need a little boost. Pick one that resonates with you. Write it down and pop it somewhere you will see it often. Repeat it to yourself throughout the day and when you see your note. Eventually your mind will begin to take on the positive statements.


Have a great Monday everyone

Love Charlotte Fay x


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