Forest Bathing Fun

When we went down to the woods…

As a mum to a toddler I am very keen to ensure that my little boy has a good amount of time outside in the fresh air. Especially when the weather is as great as it is at the moment.

There are so many places that families can enjoy and a simple internet search will help you find parks, woodlands, beaches and nature reserves that are great for getting close to nature.

A local woodland of mine is Blean Woods near Canterbury in Kent. It has several walking trails to follow of different lengths and is the perfect place for a wander and to just bathe in nature.

Plus it’s also a great place for forest bathing. Forest bathing is all about using all of your senses in the forest.

– Take time to touch all of the different textures.

– Take time to look at all of the wonderful colours, shadows and the way the sun beams through the canopy.

– Take time to smell the natural scents around the woodland.

– Take time to listen to all of the natural sounds. Rustling, birds. The breeze in the trees, your feet crunching on the leaves and sticks under your feet etc.

A few mindful activities

– Go on a scavenger hunt around your local park or forest.

– Go insect hunting.

– Count how many sounds you can hear.

– Stop and use all of your senses

– Build a den with sticks and leaves

If you need a little help then there is one more thing that you can use when you are out and about…

I found these amazing ‘go find it’ cards on Amazon and absolutely love carrying them around with me. They are great for the garden, the local park or forests and nature reserves. Plus they keep little people busy! A wonder in my book!

What ideas can you come up with?

Love Charlotte x

(Go Find It cards: £8.50 from Amazon. Purchased myself)


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