5 Affirmations for a Positive Labour

Morning All,

If we repeat affirmations regularly our subconscious mind slowly takes them on as truth allowing you to think more positively.

I think this is so important on the run up to giving birth to your baby. I truly believe it is so important to take care of your mental health and that’s even more important when you are pregnant and have hormones going a little haywire.

So with that in mind here are your 5 Labour Affirmations.

Your Labour Affirmations

1: My body knows what it is doing

2: I am relaxed and calm and ready

3: I have a natural ability to give birth easily

4: I love my baby and my baby loves me

5: My body has the strength to do anything

Has anyone ever used affirmations during labour to help them get through it?

If you missed it you can check out our Pregnancy Affirmations Here.

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Have a great day everyone.

Love Charlotte x


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