10 Day Meditation Challenge

Good Morning everyone, hope you all had a great weekend. I am really excited about today’s post.

Today I’m talking to you about a 10 day Meditation challenge.

Meditation for those who don’t know is not a religion or for Hippies. In fact it’s a science. It is a way for you to allow your brain some down time.

Your brain processes a lot of information throughout the day and that doesn’t stop when you are asleep either. So Meditation is a way to allow your brain to get a well deserved break.

So challenge yourself today to a 10 day challenge and see what a difference it makes to you. It can be as little as 10 minutes per day for 10 days. Use the tips below to help you achieve this challenge.

Tip 1: Set aside a Meditation time each day and put it in your diary or a reminder on your phone so that you don’t forget. It can be any time of the day that suits you and your lifestyle. Insight Timer has a great timer and thousands of guided meditations all free.

Tip 2: Pick your Meditation length. Then time yourself so that you can really relax knowing that you won’t run over or finish early. (You can also get Meditation timer apps that allow you to set up sounds to start and finish but also sound at half way through too)

Tip 3: Practice makes perfect, when starting out quieting the mind is a big challenge. However, as the days progress you will hopefully find that it is easier to still the thoughts that inevitably pop up.

Tip 4: Concentrate on the breath flowing in and out. This is the best way to calm the intrusive thoughts. Every time you notice a thought or your mind wanders then just concentrate on the breath in and the breath out.

Meditation is great for your wellbeing. So I hope you enjoy your 10 day challenge.

For a little helping hand you can listen to my Free Guided Meditations on Insight Timer HERE.

Have a great Monday everyone.

Love Charlotte xx

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