My Top 5 Meditation and Mindfulness Tips

Good Morning Lovelies,

Today I am sharing my top Meditation and Mindfulness tips with you. We all tend to run around for work or family life and most of the time we don’t stop to give our bodies a break. So have a read of my tips below and try some out. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes.

– My 5 Meditation Tips –

*Sitting comfortably in a quiet space.

*As little as 10 minutes a day is beneficial.

*Close the eyes (less chance of distraction)

*Try a Guided Meditation – you can find mine

*Use a Mantra “I am calm”

– My 5 Mindfulness Tips –

* Sit quietly and just notice the sounds around you.

* When eating or drinking really take note of the taste, feel, sensation, concentrate on that and only that. (Tech free)

* Write down in detail what you can see in front of you (Think colour, texture, sound etc)

* Sit comfortably and take a slow deep breath in concentrating on how the breath feels in your body. Then let it go slowly.

* Write down something you are grateful for each day.

Have a great day

Love Charlotte x

Find my Free Guided Meditations on Insight Timer Here.


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