Let’s be Conscious of Harry and Meghan

Happy Saturday everyone,

There is a lot of speculation around whether the royal baby has arrived yet. It’s an exciting time, and as a royal watcher I am excitedly awaiting the announcement. But…

(Image from Getty/ Metro.co.uk)

I am also a mother. I know how important those first days are of parenthood. So, if the royal baby has indeed arrived then we should respect Harry and Meghan need and want to have a closed off couple of days.

These precious moments go so fast and we should be conscious of the fact that they want to have a quiet few days to themselves enjoying their newborn and spending quality time together as a family.

Happy healthy parents means a happy healthy baby. So I can completely sympathise with them wanting a quiet and conscious few days together. Looking after themselves and enjoying this beautiful moment.

Self care and conscious living are such and important part of being new parents and I wish them every joy and happiness.

In fact let’s all wish them every joy and happiness and let them be for just a couple of days to enjoy this next step.

Have a great weekend everyone

Love Charlotte xx

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