5 Body Confident Affirmations to use now

Good Morning Lovelies,

How are you all today?

Confidence is a mindset. I choose to be a confident person every day even when I might not be feeling 100%. I choose to wear clothes that make me feel good. I choose to be around people that make me happy. I also choose to repeat uplifting confidence boosting affirmations because the more you repeat them the more you believe them.

So here are my top 5 confidence boosting affirmations:

1: ‘I am happy, healthy and capable’

2: ‘I am positive and my body is strong’

3: ‘My body is built for wonderful things’

4: ‘My body is positive and amazing’

5: ‘My body is healthy and constantly positive’

Repeat affirmations as often as needed to boost your confidence.

Have a great day,

Love Charlotte x

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