From Mum to Meditator – My Story

It’s January and little do I know but I am about to embark on the most anxious journey of my life so far. I am 27 years old and just found out I am pregnant for the second time. I should be ecstatic and I am. However, reality sets in and I can feel the nerves and anxiety start to swell. The reason being that three months earlier I had a miscarriage.

My family could tell that I was anxious and perhaps more than a little stressed. I had done absolutely everything right the first time. So I was now questioning everything and reading food wrapper ingredients like they were award winning books. It was my dad that told me point blank that I needed to calm down and relax because my anxiety and stress would not be good for the baby.

That was when I discovered meditation. I wanted and needed something in my life that would allow me to relax and calm my inner anxieties. After discovering Meditation on the internet I did some simple research. I watched videos online and read various websites.

Having never done anything like this before I wondered whether I was doing it right. In reality I discovered that there really is no right way as each and everyone is different and what meditation practice works for one will not necessarily work for the other. I started with some guided meditations as these seemed to less distracting. However, I soon moved on to Mala Bead Meditations and then on to more mindful zen type meditation.

Eight months down the line and just over a month before my baby was due my mother died. I watched as they turned off the life support machine and took her last breath. It was a strange time for me because I worried myself and my family that the grief would cause premature labour. However, my daily meditations, strength and love for my unborn baby allowed me to grieve and process this traumatic event without anything untoward happening.

Once my little boy arrived I not only felt so much love and happiness for my new family but also this gratitude for my meditation practice. I really believed that meditation helped me to be the mum that I wanted to be. It helps me in times of need and even now two and a half years down the line I really believe that the influence that meditation had on me during my pregnancy has rubbed off on my son.

Since having my son I have become a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Life Coach. Meditation has really changed my life and it is one of the first things that I do in the mornings before continuing with my day. Something really feels off if I miss a day.

Meditation has allowed me to see the world in a new light. I am more mindful of myself and others, I take the time to enjoy every part of my day and create meditations out of the most mundane of tasks. In general I am a much more positive, calm and patient person which are vital tools of being a mum.

I would definitely recommend meditation to anyone that is going through any sort of lifestyle change. It really can help with everything from loss to house moves. I would always recommend trying different styles to see which works best for you and always remember that wherever you are and whatever you are doing it is always with you. Simply take a few minutes to just close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. It has the power to change situations and thoughts like nothing else.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope it inspires you.

Have a great day

Love Charlotte x


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