Signs you’re showing Negative Body Language

Good Morning Lovelies,

Today I want to talk about Body Image and how you might well be showing signs of a negative body image.

In today’s society it’s not enough to just pose for social media. Friends, Family and Colleagues or prospective Clients will take notice of your body language.

Your body can say more than you think. It can often deceive what you are physically saying. Now that’s certainly not what you want in an interview or when you are trying to get further at work.

So let’s look at some of the negative body signs that could be letting you down.

1: Avoiding eye contact – When talking to someone you should always keep eye contact. However, ensure you look away every now and again to avoid looking like you are staring. By avoiding eye contact you look disinterested and this is not a good trait to have in either a business or social situation.

2: Looking at your watch or clock – When in conversation avoid looking at the time. This insinuates you have other places to be and are not interested in talking. Be respectful and take some time to listen and converse. Or politely excuse yourself depending on the situation.

3: Biting or Licking your lips – This is a sign of nervousness or being anxious and people will pick up on it. If you are feeling like this then try to avoid this action. There is no reason to let people know how your feeling as this could let you down if you are in an interview for example.

4: Clearing your throat – A smile go of nervousness as the mouth and throat gets dry. If this happens during meetings then perhaps have water on hand to cleanse and rehydrate.

5: Folding your arms – This can show you are being very closed off or shy. People may avoid approaching you as they may also think you are in an unpleasant mood. Keep arms by your sides or place loosely in the lap.

6: Shuffling about – Shuffling in your chair can show signs that you are uncomfortable in your current situation. It is inevitable that most of us if not all will be in a situation like this at some point in our lives. But this is a chance to show your strength, sit still, and give that air of confidence even if you don’t feel it.

7: Shrugging – This Shoes you are uninterested in what people are telling or asking you. Be respectful and provide an answer to them. If they are taking the time to speak to you then please do so in return.

8: Sitting very straight – A sign of anger or apprehension. You may notice you do this whilst waiting to be interviewed. Try to sit straight with good posture but not so straight that you give away how you are feeling.

Do you notice yourself doing any of these things? Or perhaps friends and family? Noticing the body language of another is a great way of helping them feel more at ease.

Have a great day and look out for that negative body language.

Love Charlotte x

(Credit: Photo from Pixabay)

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