What being a mum has taught me about self care

Good Morning everyone,

Today is a more personal post because I think it’s important for me to share my personal reality as well as sharing tips that could help you.

It’s no lie that your life gets turned upside down when you become a parent. However prepared you are, you are never quite prepared enough. Or it certainly feels that way.

But, suddenly you are thrust into a world of caring for a little human that needs all of your attention which distracts you from your own self care.

Before I had my little boy I would spend my time taking nice long baths, getting regular hair cuts, painting my nails, doing my makeup. But, I didn’t really pay much thought as to how much time I spent doing these things. Apparently it was a lot, because my time to do these things is vastly less now.

However, apart from the fact that I have learnt to majorly multi-task. I realised that doing these things for myself is far more important now. (Perhaps not all of them) Why is that?

Well I think to truly look after another person you have to look after yourself and feel good in yourself. If you don’t feel at your best then the job you do caring for another won’t be as good as you would like it to be.

So, I make the effort to make time for myself to get a regular haircut (nobody likes split ends), I make the effort to give myself a facial when my skin is feeling a bit blah, I’ve cut down the makeup time but still always apply the necessities to feel nice, I make time to meditate and be mindful each day because that aids my relationship with both by little boy and husband and it relieves some of the stress that can build up.

It is also important I believe for my little one to see my husband and I taking care of ourselves as it will teach him how important it is to look after himself as he grows.

What do you do for self care?

Have a great day,

Love Charlotte x


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