Why Etiquette and Mindfulness go Together

Good Morning Lovelies,

How are you today?

I want to talk about Etiquette today and how I believe that it can go hand in hand with mindfulness.

What is Etiquette? Well it’s being kind and helping others feel at ease. It’s knowing and understanding different customs and it is being polite and having manners.

What is Mindfulness? Well it’s being aware of your surroundings. It’s concentrating and being at peace within yourself. Finally it’s taking into consideration others and their feelings.

Did you notice the similarities between the two? Being kind and making people feel as easy is having an awareness and being mindful of what you say and how you act. When we consider another countries customs we are mindful of getting it right because it is respectful to do so.

When we think about etiquette and manners in general they take a certain amount of mindfulness to ensure that we are being polite and respectful to others around us. So can we really have manners without mindfulness!

Remember that old saying that you may have heard a parent or grandparent say to you when you were young… ‘Mind your Manners’.

They were saying ‘Be mindful of your manners’.

So there we have it. Mindfulness and Etiquette really do do together. So starting today let’s all try to be a little bit more mindful.

Have a great day.

Love Charlotte x


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