What Mindful Parenting Means to Me

Teaching Meditation and being mindful on a daily basis can be so rewarding. What I love about it is that contrary to popular belief they are neither religious or spiritual practices. Of course they can be should you wish. However for many it’s about reducing stress and enjoying what life has to offer.

This is exactly what I want to teach my little boy as he grows.

Being a mindful parent allows me to take time me to really enjoy the time I have with him.

Taking the time to really watch and listen when he laughs and making a mental memory of that moment.

Taking the time to snuggle on the sofa when his favourite tv show is on.

Taking the time to build block buildings only for them to be knocked down in seconds.

Taking the time to chase him around the house/garden to the sounds of excited screams.

Being a mindful parent is about taking the time to spend it only with them. No phones, no laptops or tablets (unless for taking pictures). Concentrating on listening to their little giggles or watching their face light up.

Mindfulness is a wonderful tool and can be important for both parents and children to learn so as to avoid the constant stresses of daily life.

Are you a mindful parent?

Love Charlotte xx


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