What to do when you have lost your sparkle

Good Morning Lovelies,

Today is a personal post for me. It has been born from the feeling of being a little lost in life. Something that I believe everyone finds at least once in their life.

It’s no lie that being a full time mum isn’t exactly glamorous. In fact it is probably the hardest and best job I have ever done and one that means I don’t always need to put my makeup on and look presentable.

So, two and a half years have passed and I honestly miss that feeling of feeling good about myself. I’ve lost my sparkle somewhere along the way and this blog was one of my first steps in polishing off my star and regaining that lost sparkle.

It occurred to me that when life changes you can be so ready for it and yet so completely overwhelmed at the same time. You need to find that balance. So here is what I did.

1: Looking presentable always! – I’ve tossed out the comfy floral house joggers and replaced them with standard black leggings that are a more chic and comfy choice for the house. I have also tossed out those other clothes that don’t make me feel nice when I am wearing them, even down to the lingerie that has seen better days.

2: Revamped my Beauty Routine – Although my hair seems to be permanently up at the moment I ensure that it is cut on a regular basis to keep it healthy. I ensure that I cleanse, tone and moisturise on a daily basis and always remove makeup before bed! I apply a face mask once a week and ensure I exfoliate my face and body regularly along with keeping my nails well groomed. These are simple things that do not take a huge amount of time if you multi-task but they are also things that are easy to forget when life changes.

3: Educate myself – I used to read a lot. This changed when I became a mum. However, with my kindle downloaded on my phone it has become much easier to enjoy reading again even if it is just for five minutes whilst I am waiting for the dinner to cook. Reading I find is good for the soul and allows you to learn about new things and become more worldly. That said I believe education is important at any age which was why I took it upon myself to take several courses including Mindfulness, Meditation, Crystal Healing and Image and Confidence consultancy because I wanted to help others who like me felt that they had lost their confidence or have in fact never been confident. Almost anything can be achieved with the right mindset.

4: Healthier Living – Finally I started to change my lifestyle. Having lived off of coffee for two years I knew this would be hard. But I now only have a maximum of two cups of coffee a day. Always before lunch! Instead I have Jasmine Green Tea or Lapsang Souchong Tea, Peppermint Tea and water. (With the occasional glass of wine or beer at the weekend…)

5: Finally I started doing what makes me happy. I started doing more writing again, that includes this blog, I am also working on my next book. If I want a cup of tea and slice of cake in the afternoon I’m going to have it and I plan to spend more time taking care of me. By that I mean long lazy baths, face masks, meditating and generally enjoying the world around me!

What would you be doing to regain your sparkle?

Have a glorious day.

Love Charlotte x


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