Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Hi everyone, I’m talking about limiting beliefs today.

Limiting beliefs are things that we believe to be true that then stop us from doing something we want to do.

Examples of limiting beliefs are:

‘I’m not smart enough for…’

‘I cannot…’

‘I mustn’t…’

The list is endless and I am pretty sure anyone reading this will easily be able to think of a limiting belief. So how do we overcome these beliefs?

– Firstly you need to think about your desired outcome. What is it that you want? (This could be a job or somewhere you want to visit etc)

– Now, question what beliefs are holding you back. These are your limiting beliefs!

– From here I want you to consider what these beliefs are doing to what you want in life. What are the consequences of these beliefs stopping you from achieving?

– Change your belief and make it positive. ‘I can’t…’ becomes ‘I can…’

– Create affirmations, rituals & new behaviours that will help to strengthen your new belief!

Generally you should be able to use this course of action in any aspect of your life. You also need to be honest with yourself. You may have more than one limiting belief in certain situations.

Have a great day everyone.

Love Charlotte xx


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