Turn Negatives into Positives

Good morning everyone.

Changing the way we think about things can be difficult. Especially if these thoughts are ingrained deep into our minds.

Negative thoughts are the single most detrimental thing in our lives. They are what stop us from achieving our goals.

A great way to help you change your outlook from negative to positive is firstly to write down the negative things in your life.

These things can be anything from body issues to problems with work. To make it easier to work through split them up into sections. Like: Personal / Work / Home life / Social Life etc.

This can be a hard exercise but once you have done this you can begin to explore the ‘Why’ begins these negative thoughts. The why is extremely important. If you can figure out the reason why you feel negatively about something it makes it easier to change.

Once you know the ‘Why’ you can more easily establish the truth behind it. Chances are that the negativity came from something someone said to you.

Like: ‘You’re not good enough for that’.

This probably couldn’t be further than the truth. These types of things generally come through jealousy from that person. They are jealous of you or something you have. But, it then has a detrimental effect on you.

Changing your mindset from negative to positive will take time however an easy way to start this process is to have daily positive affirmations. When we say things over and over again repeating it regularly we begin to believe what we are saying.

Try some of these:

‘I am good enough’

‘I can achieve what I set my mind to’

‘I am a bright and happy person’

As long as your affirmations remain positive you are on the right path to changing your negative mindset. But don’t expect it to change in a day. Give it time and practice your affirmations daily. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit.

The world welcomes a positive new you!

Have a great day day.

Love Charlotte xx


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