Simple Dining Etiquette Everyone should know

Good Morning Lovelies,

I wanted to talk about something I believe is very important. Especially as a mother to a small child who I am teaching.

In a world where we are always out and about having social or business dinners it is important to know the correct etiquette.

Not all restaurants have the same rules as some will be much more formal than others. However, there are some basics that everyone should know that should be adhered to whether you are dining out or dining at home.

1: You should wait until everyone has there food and until everyone is seated before even thinking of starting to eat. (If you are with family and or friends and they tell you to start eating beforehand then this is fine)

2: When invited to dinner as well as following rule one you should never start eating before the host or guest of honour. Once they start eating you start eating.

3: Unless absolutely necessary you should avoid leaving the table until everyone has finished their course.

These are three simple rules that should be followed always. Different circumstances may call for other etiquette to be used but generally you can’t go wrong if you at least cover these three simple steps. Be respectful.

What are your thoughts?

Have a lovely day.

Love Charlotte x


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