Sunday Reading

Good Morning Lovelies,

I wanted to share with you a book I have been reading lately. Reading is a huge part of my life. I am always learning and always growing and so reading allows me to get inspired and grow at a pace that I am happy with.

Finding the right holistic path for me is a case of trial and error. It will mean making a couple of small changes at a time to see what fits and then increasing those changes at a pace that sticks. Having already made a couple of changes at the end of last year I am looking forward to the changes ahead and this book ‘Mind, Body’ Miracle’ has provided me with some great ideas and inspiration.

Being a mum is hard work and I firmly believe that in order to look after a mini human you need to look after yourself. Mind and Body!

Having got both certified as a meditation teacher and life coach it is books like this that really strengthen my need to grow and know more.

If you are looking for some insight and ways to live more holistically then have a read of this. The practices are easy to follow and soothing for the mind, body and soul.

It explains the science behind the healthy habits and provides examples to back up what it is saying. It is definitely a book that I will refer back to often as I can throughout 2019 with an open mind and good intentions for the path ahead.

You can check it out using the link below.

Mind Body Miracle: Holistic healthy habits and daily disciplines to miraculously transform your mind and body.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Love Charlotte x

(Disclaimer: I have purchased the Kindle version of this book with my own money. However, the links provided are affiliated.)


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