8 Ways to be Mindful today

Good Morning beautiful people, how are you today?

I woke up in a super positive mood today and wanted to give you some tips on how to be mindful today. To be more specific 8 ways to be mindful.

Being more mindful is a great way to rest the mind and feel the gratitude for the things we have. So here we go:

1 – Mindfully drink your morning/ afternoon Tea. Feel the sensation, the warmth, the taste etc Make sure it is the only thing you concentrate on.

2 – Drive your car, ride the tube/bus/train mindfully. Take note of what’s out the window, listen to sound it makes.

3 – Have a piece of cake and enjoy it! Just take ten minutes and really enjoy the time.

4 – Listen to a piece of music and really listen. Let in envelope you.

5 – Stand up and stretch, notice the way your body feels and how much more awake you feel after. (Great for mid afternoon slumps)

6 – Sit and visualise a favourite or tranquil place. It can be a real place or made up. As long as it is relaxing.

7 – Take a walk, it doesn’t have to be a long walk just walk and take note of everything around you.

8 – Light a candle and watch the flame.

9 – Brush your teeth mindfully.

10 – Get into bed, switch off your phone and just lay there and relax. Get a break from technology and enjoy not having to constantly check social media.

Have a great day everyone.


Charlotte x

– ‘8 Ways to be mindful today’ was first seen on Charlotte Fay.


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