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I’m just a normal Mummy and Wife creating a place to thrive and live my most most vibrant life.

I’m a book reviewer, writer and author. Always willing to share mum stories and funny anecdotes because being a mum is the hardest, funniest most time consuming and best job in the world.

I am passionate about books and that includes children books that me and my little one enjoy together.

I love books so I am always encouraging reading and sharing book reviews. If there is one thing I can’t live without it’s a good book to stick my teeth into. It keeps me sane in the world of parenting.

My interests vary from fiction to children’s books and non fiction. Having previously studied Mindfulness and Meditation I have a keen interest in these wellbeing subjects which is something I encourage in myself and my little one.


“Be Calm, Be Balanced, Be Happy and Read”

That’s my motto.


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