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I’m just a normal Mummy and Wife creating a place to thrive and live my most most vibrant life.

I’m a certified Mindfulness Coach and Qualified Children’s play worker. I’m also a writer and author. I enjoy sharing information on Mindful parenting and Positive Mindset.

My Mindful Mum book is coming soon. As well as my first Children’s book.


“Be Calm”

“Be Balanced”

“Be Happy”

By using Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques as daily tools your families can live more vibrant lives. You can ease daily stresses, strains and enjoy family life much more.


I am all about using positive Affirmations to support Women, mothers and children through Life.

5 Body Confident Affirmations to use now

5 Affirmations for Positive Motherhood

5 Affirmations for a Positive Labour

5 Affirmations for a Positive Pregnancy


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